The Young King

Short words but a true definition of the phrase….

Wake up ,smell the coffee, and change the sheets of your new beginning…….

It’s a world of making, so yeah I’m building my own Empire…




In the Dawn of The Awakening, The Prince Arrived…

WOMAN,… Yes, Taken from Man right…

Companion, Procreation, basically that’s how Eve met up with Adam. Many are the times, SHE is violated, mistreated, disrespected, not valued, underestimated and made to go through ONLY she knows the pain..

SHE was created to be treated well and not to be treated like an option, she was created to be a companion not a packet of milk for you to drink and thrown away, SHE was made to be with you not just to SLEEP with you..

WOMAN was made from Man’s Rib not from Man’s Feet… she was brought on earth to be made feel proud not to be walked on, that’s why we have SHOES for our feet and not HER!

IT is not what is beneath her that defines her but what is within her… Yes, her looks will give you Praise, her dress will give you maze, her breath will break you into a race, her dreams will get to your neck and her Obedience will get you down thanking HIS GRACE…

She’s fragile, that’s why she was blessed with Seven Ribs… Her heart also speaks, she’s a glass, once she’s broken, HER heart screams…. The only evidence to be shown are pain of TEARS!

SHE has the power of the tongue, be with her, kindle her and take care of that one rib taken from you on that day of Creation and she will crown and sacrifice you in her THIRST… She will Trust and place her Heart in her palms, dripping in blood, for you to Stitch it of it’s pain, torment and horror…. Make HER your Lioness, where the only other males she will fall in love with, -Will be your CUBS!

Hold her when she’s hurting, encourage her when she’s crazy, Kiss her when she’s annoying, lie while she’s lying, embrace her while she’s fighting, Cheat in her dreams and swim in her RIVER… For if you want to know her pain and horror, Let her fill a bucket with Tears and drink from it…

Never Wet her lips with Tears, you have your tongue… Use you Mouth and not your Ego and Feelings to water them… Sure?

Sometimes she builds walls, higher than those of China and only because at times she prefers being Noah, …she will get onto the Ark, for she knows life’s too short to meddle with other people’s issues… She will just close the Ark and let the floods carry those who meant less to her…

She’s never perfect,but she will share your dreams, she’s not the only WOMAN in the World, but you will never find a COPY of her… Never bring her the Moon, just light up her darkness, don’t run a thousand miles, just walk into her life and just like GRAVITY, pull her close to You…!

She’s Patient, She wears glasses, not because she’s Blind but because she wants to experience her best adventures in fours….

Thing is, it’s not that WOMEN are Useless, it’s just that they Are USED-LESS! Don’t let Her give herself to you like an ART, call out your name in full FACTS, only for your LOYALTY to run off like a PACK!….

And just for the Record, it would be better to buy her a dress and make her SMILE than to get under Her DRESS, and make her CRY!

Her CUP of forgiveness mat be always ready but don’t take it for Granted…


Beauty of Creation.. 🌺

That Forbidden that was given to man was not by chance or did it mean that WOMAN should be taken for granted.

She is not just a piece of wood that it’s only work is to be set on fire neither a piece of coal that you only love it for it’s purpose and later dispose her off like ASH.

This WOMAN wanted a man who could have communication with her soul to satisfaction, and taste her thought process while she read books to him Topless….

A man who could unravel riddles with his tongue as he watched her words turn into Moans that spoke Intelligence….

A True WOMAN won’t love you for your looks, or the clothes your wear, or your fancy car, or how you are built to the extent of a bear but because she alone sings a song only you can hear…

Every girl has her own CINDERELLA story,…. She is only waiting for her Prince Charming of her dreams to pick her only shoe at 12O’Clock…. MIDNIGHT…..

Find a Woman with Brain and A Man with Commitment and Dedication, not their Sexual Desires… This True? You be the judge of that…

A Lady is always a Gun….

That’s because they know when it’s time to Cork up and when it’s Time to Fire…

Treat her right and you’ll see, mess her up and you will see the difference…

Let her senses be on the edge,if she hears Your Voice, smells your Scent, feels your touch, you need HER…..

The tides need the Moon to flow… The Flower needs the Sun to blossom…. So does she want you to Infinity….

But don’t be ready to take up your heart in her hands, if you are not ready to pick up her pieces when she’s in pain and broken…. If you are not sure of it yet… Just wait, maybe your love story will be the BEST….

Men too deserve to be spoiled. Told they are handsome,

Told their efforts are, appreciated…

And should also be made to feel secure…

If he treats you like a Queen, treat him like a King…

Don’t be that type of guy that after messing up a lady’s heart since you are the “Player“, ….. You arrive home to your CAT, only for it to look at you and be like… ‘ Are you serious, which other CAT* are you getting tomorrow? Maybe Loyalty nowadays is just a Tattoo, and saying I love you has been a Quote…. No? Your judgement?

Every Queen deserves a King who understands where CROWN gets heavy…

When you touch her,

Don’t touch her with Hesitation, touch her like you own her. And for sure she will know the Difference….

Be Her only King, protect her, claim her and never be afraid or ashamed of declaring her as your own….

Just like Chess, guard her, send forth your army to surround her and keep her safe….

And when the enemies try to attack her, pin them down in pride, and hit their clock…


Trust me ,she knows you fit her FUTURE when you can make her HEART forget that it was ever broken…..


The ‘ OBEDIENCE ‘ ……….

Memories are dug deep into the mud, to be unleashed only….

When the rain falls, hard they are,

Deep they go, down into our present future…

Hid like a kill, sealed as will, only for the ‘Free’ to play with it as Kids!


Touch, feel, see… Oh yes, your senses, you used them wisely….

Who can deny, how great of A Solomon you are,

For Wisdom, as for you, it would be as if the Devil had a Taste of Holy Water….

But for pleasure ,so as to quench your Treasure*,……

It was as if signing off a couple of ‘Lucky Cheques’,

~Nothing really ever Bounced ~

Young i was, ambitiously I prayed, destined I remained…..

Wondering why it had to be you,

To take away my innocence!

Death was my daily bread call,

At a point, I even thought to myself, Hell was eminent on earth, Heaven was purely a mere dream, at least I was already introduced to one…..

Since then I never seemed to be, the Long Shower girl, the pure Princess, whose only dream was a normal life….


How could i even dare utter it to Miss? My silence was the only GRAIN and Pain, but for you, the darkest gain!….

If i did utter anything, my younger sisters would have to live as the Queen of the Streets with their generation….

Stop destroying my future, I once ‘politely’ begged…

Believe me to say, that you behaved like a Creature….. !

My eyes everyday having a red glitter, not of sleepless nights,

But tireless nights, cleaning up your Nail Polish*,off my YOUTH….


Every time I held your hand during meal prayers,

Flashbacks of an awoken corpse ,engulfed me……… Wishing never of, my birth…

Orphaned I was, but yet, you still had the guts of….

Giving me some parenting ‘….

Your Wife, took me in as, pure mercy,

Only for me to scream it in silence when your ‘pregnancy’ lay above me, fighting for a Twin!

Everyday, crying so hard, bathing my youth,

Not knowing that my CREATOR held me in my darkest of hours….


Now I’m above your grave, in my eyes,

MOLESTATION was the name on your gravestone,

Regret, Hatred and Filth as a bouquet of Roses for you!

They say they go to watch beasts at the Zoos, yet they live among us……

DEAR Irene 👓

The Life Found In a Book🌷

Tweety this on Twitter, and let your heart shed a tear…

For YOU i’d even eat the Forbidden Fruit to save you from Sin… The immediate you took me in, crowned me within and gave a place to call Shelter and so let me drink from the Cup you filled with Blessings…..

For i would bear so many scars…..

With the light, shape, and beautiful like stars………

With so many punishments, so many regrets, turning them into a pool of ecstasy, hope and, love of a Son, for me to swim in…..

Teaching me on the Laws of Wisdom, turning me into a Young Solomon, hopefully writing my own rhythms to share it with you, for you are not alone ….

My book is full of blanks, i wish i would write your name on each and every page, so that i would read them back and forth… You have helped me walk my path, talk as, my bath, shone a candle in the days of my darkest, and as the sun set, my crown is always the brightest….

And if you were to offer a sacrifice, let me be the one to hold the Knife…. I’m willing to fie for this, for you, Each day, just as a true Lioness ,made sure i didn’t descend on an empty stomach… Some of the nights, boasting of clean plates, and relying on hope as our feed…. I know i would never give you the moon, but let me sketch it for you, as a vision, when in thy Most High’s Mercy, you shall rest in it, watching me in thy Night….

If possible i would bind myself of the fences, protecting you from the obstacles, lay as a bridge for you, where there is no way, for even at my birth, with the help of MOTHER, you were the birds protecting the “new one” in the nest.. .For even now building in me the right deeds, for you being the Tree, not allowing the shed of me till I’m ready for the Universe… And as at your Last Hour, let me be the one holding your hand,as your breath rises, and your spirit, to a land full of praises….

As Full stops in full prowess deigns it….

I’ll give you my heartbeat. He wouldn’t even give you a second thought.

I’ll give you the suns rays .I’ll split them into golden lines and forge a crown. I’m a swordsmith.

I’ll steal a star. Ill dig a tunnel during the day. I wont caught. I’ll…

I would love to clink a glass with you in a world of Ceddyville, laying the crown on me as the Prince of Denmark…

I know this piece may not be the best of all but as, always a pinch of salt satisfies a whole banquet… I drank from your eyes and now my liver is muddy…

Sometimes all I did was become pig headed, hard as grain… I understand that there’s a problem, even though they might not show, all the things that i kept inside you, even you might not know. For all the possibilities for being wrong, and its just a SHAME on me, ill be the reason for your TEARS. YOU can put the blame one me…..

On basis, i would reason, if you a glass and i held it my hand, down it goes and breaks; i would use the pieces to cut myself, till my spirit is the only strength, joining you in the VINEYARD where the Morning Dew is the only breath!

Many will see you walk on water and say its only because she cant swim, but let my words be unlocked from thee cages in simple tone, bond by blood magnificently, i photographed the latter, ‘I LOVE YOU DEAR SISTER’

It’s good that we have HELL, for if there was no hell, there would be no Dignity…..


My Hall of Fame
The Reason My Family Lacked, is what kept me going” This is what my father once told me at the moment when he got his first good paying job, and basically the whole family was in a praise, especially my mother she couldn’t hold her tears…..  We all knew that life would forever change, more food, no more sleeping early in the night just because you have to feed in your dreams so that you can feast in your future, more of the best of “Mr Price Sunday Best” but all in all survival, determination and power to live together is what is a key drive into a family..  
At times we tend just to disobey our parents, sometimes because we think they are outdated, are old fashioned, “not technology gurus , and we end up to think that we are old enough but the real truth is that some of us we tend not realise that it’s the same parents that we see as “never understanding ” that we came from…. How many of us whether young ladies can bear to carry a load for not even nine months but just a couple days since your own egos are way heavier than your own lives, feed, tend to bear such the pain while delivering a new angel because sometimes the things we take for granted are the ones that end up as heavens in our lives..   Or how many males can wake up every morning, before even the morning cock, go search for meal for like 8hours ,and just bring back a single loaf of bread on the table….. In my duration, my dad and mum aren’t the Mohammed Ali, Pac man or Mr Floyd but they measured their ring and knocked their hardships out,so as to give me the best Belt they can ever afford, and sometimes I would comprehend they ain’t in my circle, like all they do is be over protective but one thing I got to realise is that no matter who you are, ugly, poor, beautiful, handicapped, one can never change who their mum and dad are ,because it doesn’t matter what kind of life others live and wished that you had that life, what matters is that God gave you an Adam and Eve in your life, how many children end up in orphanages not because their parents are dead but only because their parents are ashamed of them, they can’t tolerate having a child of their own, and all the child has to do is growing up to a fake story that his or her parents died in a road accident while in true sense, they are out there enjoying their moment of magic life of their own …. Don’t the children still survive? Or parents who have no choice but to adopt a child since one of them is barren and can’t divorce on the fact that they are both deep in love….. In this world the most painful thing a woman can ever experience is not having a child to call her own ,her own blood, genes and her generation continue to be established …..
My mum once told me something on ignorance in which a woman had once been driving to church, and on her way to the church, One of the kids around ,a street child in particular flagged her down, and went straight to the driver’s seat window…. Afraid that he may rob her, the lady didn’t lower her window but later seeing no such intentions of the child to rob her, she lowered her window and immediately the child just asked the lady to help her with a 10coin. Well the lady just looked at the kid and told him That she didn’t have any money and that she was going to church and even she didn’t have SADAKA… But the child asked her… ‘Aki mum huna iyo ten Bob akyy,….. Basi shika hii 50 enda unitolee sadaka…. Ubarikiwe…
Later when the lady left, she didn’t even drive a 100 metres when she stopped ,thought about what had just occurred, looked at the 50shillings note, turned her car key on and drove back to where she met the street child…. But arriving at the area, she asked all round but didn’t find the child, so she didn’t know what she felt but just proceeded home not even to the church…  What do you think she felt?
So thank God for your life and do your good deeds in attaining your CROWN…
Remember always, Many really Desire to Go To Heaven, but no one wants to Die…..


Love You Die
Normally we are used or grow up to the phrase that True love exists …Well there are some timelines we have to get in pursuit, Do we really fall in love just because its a case where by you have to fall in love or Do we fall in love just because others do and that if we don’t we are going to be the “Under dogs” or yet still Is it because she is madly beautiful and that he is super handsome that you just have to fall in love with him or her?
I once was at a dentist since I had to go for my check up….. Then there was this little girl ,I guess a nine year old, she was adorable and she was with her father….  Moments later,the “little miss” ,out of nowhere, her innocent eyes just shot straight at her dad and asked, “Dad, what is love and Why do people fall in love? ”
Now I really don’t know if the child was just a genius, or that she heard it from somewhere  but for a nine year old to directly look at her dad and ask such a question , she must had some pretty courageous “balls” …. After that the father just remained numb, unable to utter since he to ,was astonished, luckily the doc came out and called out the girl’s name…. Saved by the Bell huh? Throughout his parenting, I figure the father had never come through such a moment….  That aside, well we may all think that the child was too young to understand what actually love is, but the real we who are older than the kid, do we?
Skin tone, voice nature, hair structure, friend’s opinion, body mountain, background, facial apprentice ….. These are some of the in wrong attributes that we mostly possess today, mostly the young kings and queens…. We tend to find these attributes in other people so that one can “brag” on how in love they are….  But what we don’t know is that, we didn’t create ourselves, neither we choose to be here but God did…. So we are free to choose who love, and who not to love because it’s everyone’s decision at the end of the day… What we tend not to discover is that love is a feeling, from deep within, not just something you just wake up to and decide in doing, because nothing is perfect and the fact is, that, no relationship is ever perfect, pain and struggles have to be there, so no matter where the person comes from, white, pink, melanin ,it’s not what’s on the person, it’s what’s in the person that matters since whatever you will never change the art of God because He Himself did the best job…. So if you two are truly in love and not on a mere Circus presentation, you will tend to go a whole way longer than what you had imagined…. 
To be Honest in a relationship, it’s the females who tend to give their ALL in more than the males ….that’s why mostly in a break up, in a higher portion, the male will speak ill of the female just because she didn’t meet his “demands “
Today while I was departing to a certain location, I boarded the famous “nganyas” and while I was waiting for the matatu to depart, a certain lady came and sat right next to me and immediately her young one began crying, she couldn’t hold her tears any longer and she just spoke to me….. Well the lady said this has been the heaviest holiday she has ever experienced, since her husband laid in Hospital due to a Brain Tumor and that she didn’t know of what to do since she or her child didn’t do anything to deserve all that… Throughout my journey, I remained silent, and when she alighted, she wished me a safe journey and she went…. Now what barged  me is that, I never give or pay anything to God for my life, neither I’m I special or perfect in his Eyes but I’m alive and breathing and some of the times I’m Ignorant in thanking him… The lady had a choice after her husband was diagnosed, she could have left him and ran away with the child but she decided to stick by him even in the hell of hours and that is Love you Die… Her Christmas may be Dark but her hope is a Candle….
So at the end of the day the big question still remains Do you love just to love or Do you love to love? Because it’s not who you fight for that bonds the unity, it’s what you fight for…



We all have our lives to live, goals and plans to achieve but how do we go about on our faith?
Yes we pray, yes we do our good deeds, offer our tithe to God….. But how well are we rich in mind, body and soul? Many questions may arise… “Like should we actually still believe in God even after we’ve gone through like hell on earth? Does God truly exist? What should we do so as to live a righteous life?
We may take this as a joke, ignore such questions, or just wake up in the morning, go take a shower, prepare yourself for the awaited day and tasks, take your morning coffee and, just assume that it was mere chance that we all wake up…..  Take a look on life, there are so many young ones born each and every day but how many tend to hold on and breathe? Yet they haven’t even opened their innocent eyes, or given a cry to the world, yet no crime has been committed by them, but yet God takes them while still young…..
We are all able to dream, work, love and give another human life a dream of their own… Yes we sometimes tend to curse our lives, curse God just because we are in difficult moments, but have you ever thought that without YOU another child may not live, that your purpose may to rescue a certain soul, that your life is of a better meaning or still yet more of you, a mere CLAY OF GOD is still in the making and that your future is yet like a book, until its put in fine Ink, clear paper, outstanding language, to be Reviewed and released to the World…. That’s the time you realise that actually you are not just a human brought to life just to exist, but to build your own generation and of others. ….
Sometimes all we do is listen to some sayings and just act to these sayings like its usual to everyone…. If so we all know the “proverb” that rules were meant to be broken right?
But just take a moment and figure this, if its true then those who use this saying the wrong way i have a question for them… Death is a rule, would you break that?
All in all there are so many homeless children with a dream, the ability, an imaginable passion in which if given a single opportunity they can blow away many minds but as for you, you have the capability, the opportunity, the chance, the resources and instead of sitting down and being a slave of complaining, make better of your abilities in doing good, changing peoples lives and abiding to your own standards….. No one is perfect, life and prayer are the true riches we contain ,so don’t be guilty of what you already own and be free of what you are about to lock, hold and contain….
So just make sure before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean because the truth is few will hold on to you during your tough moments, but when they are in need of you, its like a gang of servants in a castle, many will really end up surprising you…
  At the end of the day, let down your amour and contemplate that if all you had to offer was love and friendship, how many would still be in your DIARY AS YOUR TRUE LEGENDS